Online Directory WordPress Themes

Want to start a Directory Business?

Whether you want to list local businesses, tourist attractions, or classifieds adverts, these WordPress directory themes have got it covered.

Some of the common features found in these themes include Google Maps integration, front end submission forms including social login  for accepting user generated content, dashboard and plenty of monetization options.

ListingPro is the ONLY End-to-End WordPress Directory All-in-One Solution on the market. It’s the #1 Best-Selling Product-Market Fit in the Directory & Listing category on ThemeForest. The core value proposition for ListingPro is simple, No Paid Plugins Needed, Everything Inside. Photos and videos on preview site are not included in the package.



Whether you know it or not, many of the websites you visit are powered by directories.

  • When you buy a house – real estate sites show listings.
    When you buy a car – car sites show listings.
    When you pick a restaurant – ratings sites show listings.
    When you book a vacation – travel sites show listings.

Your site will be a thing of beauty. Let’s be honest, the problem with most of those sites, while highly functional, is that many of them aren’t very pretty. It’s why the beautiful ones are so popular, because they match great photography with fantastic functionality.

Job Board / Listing Themes

Want to launch your own Job Search / Listing directory?

These themes allow you and your visitors to post traditional job listings and receive applications online, through to fully functioning freelancer marketplaces.

Whether you want to create a resource that can help put employers in touch with freelancers from around the world, or simply list the current employment opportunities at your organization, there are plenty of suitable options to choose from.


Creating a job listing website has never been easier with Jobify — the easiest to use job board theme available. Create a community of employers and prospective employees.

1) Simple live searching and filtering makes finding relevant jobs easier than ever.
2) A fully customizable homepage means you control the layout of your website.
3) Charge a fee for job listings, and easily monitor and approve submissions.

WorkScout is a fully functioning job board Theme for WordPress developed with the popular free WordPress Plugin WP Job Manager.

It integrates beautifully and simply and can be extended with a few extensions and Plugins so that you can build your very own feature rich job marketplace!

Perfect for recruiters, employment agencies and any kind of job office you can think of, WorkScout has been developed top down with WP Manager and their add-ons.

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